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“At Stemnova, we believe science is creative, cross-disciplined, and community-oriented. By introducing our young students to the world of STEM and training older, local student leaders on how to bring programs into their own community, we are able to create a fully grassroots STEM movement.”

- Isha Sanghvi, CEO and Founder
Social Justice

Exploring Climate Change

Exploring Climate Change Program teaches students about climate change sustainability from the perspective of cities. With this hands-on curriculum, students will have the opportunity to design their own environmentally conscious cities and communicate with local officials about their findings.

Exploring Covid-19

In our 8-week virtual Exploring Covid-19 program, 100 students from 10+ states engaged with professional guest speakers from the frontlines of the pandemic response (Stanford University School of Medicine, MIT, UPenn, and more) on how to tackle global STEM challenges.

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Exploring STEM at Home

Through active collaboration with educators, students, and other professionals, we designed a free, hands-on open-source curriculum for students to learn at their own pace. It includes: 1. Oceanography and Geology, 2. Diseases and Epidemiology, 3. Cell Biology and 4. Astronomy.

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